SEO Consultation

No Obligation, FREE and no pressure consultations, is there such a thing? There isn’t an SEO Consultation out there that offers a free SEO consultation that doesn’t apply pressured tactics to sell their products. We offer a service of an SEO Consultation that allows you to relax knowing that what we say is something that you can rely on and is honest and we will not pressure you in to signing up.

If we were to offer free consultations all day, we believe we’d need to use pressure tactics to make you sign up to enable us to offer such a service.

We know that by only charging for a service you can feel relaxed knowing that our service that we bring to you on a face-to-face meeting means that we can show you presentations and offer you in-depth knowledge that may come across wrong over the phone. It also means we can spend more time analysing exactly how your budget could be better spent. This also means that you have the full attention of the SEO Consultant.

SEO Consultation only £399.99

We don’t employ sales staff to come to see you to explain SEO and then make you sign a contract within 10 minutes. Blink-SEO believes we can sit with you, honestly and comfortably, without pressure being applied. We charge £399.99 per consultation with no time constraints. No sales talk, no pressure and no obligation.

We do charge for a consultation, however it’s the presentation and information packs that allows you to be enlightened to what SEO has to offer, the return in investment and regardless of your final choice of SEO company, there is no obligation to sign up.

How can SEO effect your online business model?
+ Your Online Metrics & Current Performance
+ Search Engine Optimisation & it’s customer acquisition benefit
+ Well-organized use of your resources for Search Marketing
How can Search Marketing insight improve your online business model
+ How can your current content be optimised for search engines
+ Do you use keywords and if so, at what density and count are you currently achieving.
+ Content review – What are the keywords your customers are searching for?
+ Content Syndication, how can we drive traffic to your website and increase your page rank
What opportunities are you and your competitors missing out on?
+ Reverse what your competitors are doing and performing in the natural search.
+What keywords are making your competitors campaign successful
+ Are competitors using your brand name to benefit their website and company?
+ Your website’s exposure online on other website verse your key competitors, including amongst influential sites in your industry

And finally!
+ Every technical element of your website, and how it can be optimised to help you be found
+ What traffic increase do we believe you will gain by implementing our suggestions.
+ How can you implement theses changes, and how could we help you with this?
+ Cost effective plans to achieve growth and a ROI return for investment a tailored search marketing strategy.

Detailed research is presented in a PowerPoint presentation and on paper that you can read and take notes on whilst our SEO Consultant talks you through the process. You can rest assured that our SEO Consultants are technically and metric orientated to ensure your questions are answered.
Contact us Today for a no obligation SEO Consultation that you can rely on being honest and a good source of SEO information.